We are here to provide you Solar energy to simplify your life, as well as reduce your energy bill, and clean up the environment. The founder of Paragon Green energy is Mr. Noman Ahmed, in 2012 Noman Ahmed was the only one who was running the company, one year later Farhan Ishaque joins as a partner in 2013, they have been partners since 2013. Paragon Green Energy is privately owned and operated by Noman Ahmed Siddiqui and his co-partner Farhan Ishaque. In 2012, when they installed solar systems in their houses, they felt so good and get peace of mind that they could now live in a comfortable life without fear of their power bills. Now they consume clean energy from the solar system and enjoy free electricity. After all of these Noman Ahmed and Farhan considered helping others live in comfort and take control of their energy costs switching to solar.

Combining creativity and Solar Power skills of Noman Ahmed and Farhan has an awesome duo to convert costly electricity bills into free solar. Mr. Noman Ahmed works on the Technical side while Farhan looks to the marketing Side. It was a completely new experience as PGE had become from a one-person company to 10 person company. The hardworking and customer-focused team grew The Solar Company extremely fast. The PGE had been install over 8,000 solar panel systems in Sindh from 2013 till now, mostly on homes, some businesses site, and industrial zones.

Noman and Farhan have invaluable experience and information about the solar system, additionally, the growth of the solar industry has increased, these are some reasons that they are very confident about their business goals. Noman Ahmed and Farhan enjoy work in their smaller company so they can easily look over and work with their team and customers. The good thing is that some team members from their Solar Company have built their businesses.

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