As we all know that our society have different types of people with different classes, some of them are with high budget and some are with low, Nowadays,we all know that the cost of electricity in our daily life is increasing day by day, load shedding is increasing as well, but this is not a problem for those who are using PV solar systems.

We are here with different PV solar packages for all kinds of classes. You can choose any package of your choice, later you can increase the PV system as per your need. Feel free to contact us for more information.

We have designed many packages for all types of customers but it is difficult to meet all the requirements of each one, but for your convenience we can tell you the price range per kilowatt which is from @85,000 to @110,000 , You can choose any one of these prices according to your need. Remember the price range of ongrid/offgrid solar system are the same.