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01. Services

solar Equipement supplier

We are the supplier of all kinds of equipment which required in solar powered plant, that are solar panels, batteries, on-grid / off-grid inverters, mounting structures, and all other electrical accessories such as DC / AC wires, cable ties, DB boxes, Combiner box and so on. Nuts, bolts, etc. If you want to buy equipment for solar project, you can buy from us.

When we get a project from the client, the first thing we do is to arrange the solar equipment for the project; we always keep in mind that which equipment are required? How much required? We want everything to be perfect and also on time.

solar products
solar mounting structure
02. Services

solar mounting manufacturer

To secure the Solar panel, Mounting needed which is also provided by us to our client for the project.

Yes, we manufacturer & supplier Galvanized mounting on our own according to the design of the project. First, we analyze which design is perfect for the project? and how to place the panels on it.

can also help you install the solar panel, it is part of our service to our costumer. 

03. Services

solar system installer

As we provide all types of solar equipment, the same as we also install the whole system. We and our team workers are professionals in it. System installation means install everything from Panels to Inverter, from DB box to fix the whole connection of the site, whether it is a solar commercial project or a residential project.

In the end, we and our team worker make sure the clients that system installed and work perfectly, also we teach them how to handle it and control the Solar system.

Our installation success rate is 99.99%, complaint over time is only 2%.

solar maintenance
04. Services

solar maintenance

We always want every possible thing to be perfectly installed and work but, not every time things do work as we want. Sometimes it is because of the time that passed and caused the problems in the system, sometimes it is because of some manufacturer problems, but we always here to help the clients who are in need. We do our best to solve the issues or complications in the system. We take a little time to resolve the problem and make the system work perfectly as it works before.